Special Collections Historic Photo Challenge

Special Collections Historic Photo Challenge


Special Collections is challenging patrons to create and write a story using a historic photo. Patrons can write a story for one photo, a few photos, or stories for all 10 photos. Please follow the guidelines provided.  The winning story for each photo will be displayed at Alpena County Library's Library Walk in front of Besser Museum of Northeast Michigan from Nov to Dec.



Guidelines for completing and submitting to participate in the Special Collections Historic Photo Challenge. 


  1. By submitting work to this challenge, you are agreeing to allow Alpena County George N. Fletcher Public Library to use your work for community outreach programming. 
  2. Online submissions must be turned in by November 13 at 12PM.
  3. Physical submissions must be postmarked by November 10.
  4. Each submission must include: first name, last name, title of work, photo number and a phone number or email address. 
     Note: If submitting online -  the files must be named as follows:  
  5. Send submissions to specialcollections@alpenalibrary.org.
  6. Send physical copies to C /O Dept. Head of Public Services, 2860 US 23 S, Alpena Mi, 49707. 
  7. For ages 16+

Works will be evaluated by the following criteria: 


  1. Creating a fictitious story that uses the picture and prompt in the storyline either literally or metaphorically.
  2. Originality: The story is engaging with an unique perspective in the author's own original words. 
  3. The story must have a minimum of 500 words but no longer than 800 words.
  4. Single- spaced
  5. Submissions must be original works 



Each photo/prompt will have one winner which will be on display at the Alpena County Library posts in front of the Besser Museum of Northeastern Michigan for the month of November.


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[NOTE: Each person can submit a story on just one photo or all of them. Story/Stories may have a spooky twist (keep it family friendly) but are not limited to spooky.]


1. Photo Challenge #1
2. Photo Challenge #2

3. Photo Challenge #3

   4. Photo Challenge #4

Photo Challenge #5


    6.   Photo Challenge #6

 7.   Photo Challenge #7

Photo Challenge #8
9. Photo Challenge #9

10. Photo Challenge #10