Allie All Along Virtual Storytime Kit

Have you ever felt mad enough to stomp, smash, and crash? Allie has! Meet one angry little girl and see how she calms down, bit by bit—with the help of her understanding big brother. After reading ALLIE ALL ALONG, written and illustrated by Sarah Lynne Reul, choose an activity (or two) to extend learning.

WATCH and LISTEN to ALLIE ALL ALONG read and performed by author-illustrator Sarah Lynne Reul for Sterling Kids:

Choose an activity (or two!) to extend learning:

TALK about big feelings.
Do you ever have big feelings? Talk about some of the times you’ve felt big feelings, positive or negative. Recall which different techniques Allie used to gain control in the story (mindful breathing, counting backwards from 10, squeezing a stuffie extra hard, hugging a friend). What helps bring calm when big feelings take over? Practice some of the ideas you remember from the story and try a few new ideas, too!

Check out these other ideas, too:

SHOW how you feel.
What big feelings do you have? Using the printable activity sheet (or making your own), assign a color to each of your big feelings. Color in the heart!

CREATE your own colorful monsters.
Gather paint and various kitchen utensils (forks, spoons, whisks, spatulas, etc). Carefully dipping each utensil in prepared paint, stamp a large sheet of paper. Let dry, then add eyes, arms, and other details to each stamp to create a unique monster! Find instructions from the blog Happy Toddler Playtime below:

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Thank you to Sarah Lynne Reul and Sterling Publishing for making this video available for public use.