The Bold Brave Bunny Virtual Storytime Kit

Enjoy this story about Teetu, a bunny who leaves home to get away from too many bunnies, and ends up discovering the beautiful world outside of his burrow. After reading THE BOLD, BRAVE BUNNY, written by Beth Ferry and illustrated by Chow Hon Lam, choose an activity (or two) to extend learning.

WATCH and LISTEN to THE BOLD, BRAVE BUNNY read by author Beth Ferry for HarperKids:

Choose an activity (or two!) to extend learning:

TALK about being brave.
What does it mean to be brave? When was a time that you were brave? Was it hard to be brave? What helped your overcome your fear or uncertainty?

BUILD a bunny chain.
Teetu’s family find him when it’s time to return, forming a chain of bunnies hand in hand that lead back towards home. Create your own paper bunny chain, adding clothes and details to each bunny to represent the people that make you feel brave and like you belong. Find easy paper bunny chain instructions below:

CREATE an animal collage.
Using twigs and other materials you find outside, create and shape animals like those Teetu sees in the branches of trees. Begin by brainstorming and animals, then go in search of the shapes and textures you need. Or let yourself be inspired by whatever you find!

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Thank you to the creators and HarperKids Books for making this recording available for public use.