Creepy Carrots Virtual Storytime Kit

The Twilight Zone comes to the carrot patch as a rabbit fears his favorite treats are out to get him. After reading CREEPY CARROTS, written by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by Peter Brown, choose an activity (or two) to extend learning.

1. WATCH and LISTEN to CREEPY CARROTS read by Aaron Reynolds for Simon Kids:

2. Choose an activity (or two!) to extend learning:

- DESIGN a creepy vegetable.
Using on-hand materials, create a vegetable that gives you the creeps! Example from The Wielded Pen:

- CHANGE your perspective!
Rewrite Creepy Carrots from the point-of-view of the carrots! What would the new story be called? Why are the carrots trying to scare Jasper? How do the carrots feel about Jasper’s actions and choices?

- WRITE and ILLUSTRATE your own scary story.
Create your own silly scary story and share it out loud with your adult. What is the main character afraid of? Why? What happens? How does the story end?

- SHARE pictures and stories about your experience with today’s Virtual Storytime Kit in the comments or by tagging us on Instagram and FB!

Thank you to the creators and SimonKIDS making this video reading available for public use!