Computer Classes

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Winter 2017 Computer Classes

The Alpena County George N. Fletcher Public Library
offers computer classes that meet the need of most of
our library patrons. Whether you are a beginner in need
of basic computer or internet skills or desire to gain
skills for the job market we have you the patron in mind.




Registration is required and will begin December 15th
Classes are 6:00-8:00 p.m unless otherwise noted.

The Basics

File Management Made Simple

Have you ever tried downloading a file and couldn't find it? Are you finding it difficult to manage your own data?  This class will provide basic knowledge in common file operations such as: working with folders, creating a new file, editing an existing file and saving it, opening a pre-existing file, backing up files using a ROM burner and other external devices.
Date offered: March 6


Introduction to Computers using Windows 10

This course will introduce the student to many of the features of the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.  The student will learn about what’s new about Windows 10. 
Date offered: February 6, 13


Introduction to the Internet

This class will provide training to successfully access and navigate the Internet. Topics that will be covered are: browsers, internet security, connection types, what to look for in an internet service provider, and search engines.
Date offered: February 27

Microsoft Office

Basic skills for Microsoft Excel 2013

This class introduces basic spread sheet skills using Microsoft Excel 2013. Students will learn to navigate through the program to create simple spread sheets.

Gain skills necessary to create and format basic spreadsheets.
Calculate data using basic formulas and functions.
Other topics include cut, copy, and pasting cells
Using Microsoft Help.
Date offered: November 8


Intermediate Skills for Microsoft Excel 2013

This class exposes students to Excel’s table features. This feature is easy to use, and can make data retrieval very easy for things such as:

Call lists, personal inventory lists, group memberships, mailing labels. Students will learn how to create, maintain, sort, and filter Excel tables, and more!
Students will learn how to insert, edit, and format a chart which is useful to track everything from budgets to blood pressures.
Date offered: November 15


Basic Skills for Microsoft Word 2013

This class introduces basic word-processing skills using Microsoft Word 2013.

Students will learn to navigate through the program to create professional-looking documents.
Gain skills necessary to open, close, save, print, format, and edit documents.
Learn how to cut, copy, and paste, as well as use the office clipboard.
Use Microsoft Help.
Date offered: 


Intermediate Skills for Microsoft Word 2013

This class introduces the next level of skills using Microsoft Word 2013. In this course, students will learn how to:

Create and format tables, a dynamic feature used to create documents such as registrations forms, personal address labels, inventory lists, etc.
Students will learn simple techniques for enhancing brochures, flyers, etc., such as:
Inserting clip art, Formatting columns, Page numbers,
Readability statistics and more!
Date offered: 

Library Services

Using Great Lakes Digital Library With Your Kindle

Note: This class is free admission.

Do you have a Kindle and want to know how to access free ebooks through the Library? This class that will teach Kindle users how to use Great Lakes Digital Library. You will need to bring your library card, Kindle and log in information for your Amazon acct.
Dates offered:



Note: This class is free admission.

Zinio is the world's largest newsstand. Now, readers can read 136 different magazines on any screen. If you are interested in learning how to access free magazines on your computer or mobile device using your library card, this class is for you.
Dates offered: 

Mobile Technology

Connecting to the Cloud

Learn all about "The Cloud", what it is and how it is used.
Date offered: March 13

Ipad Basics

This course will cover some basic features of the iPad.  Learn the hardware, some settings, navigation and app basics.
Date offered:  January 23(1-3pm), April 3


Introduction to the Android Tablet

This course will cover some of the basic features of the Android operating system including Google Play Store, app basics, settings and navigation.
Date offered:  January 30(1-3pm), April 10


Social Networking

Introduction to Facebook

Explore the social networking phenomenon that is Facebook. Participants will be shown how to set up their page, add a profile picture, find friends and family, control their content and ensure the security of their information.
Date offered: March 20


Facebook Beyond the Basics

Take a deeper look at the social networking phenomenon that is Facebook. Building on the Intro to Facebook class participants will be shown how to create groups, add pictures,videos and links, create tags, create lists and more!
Date offered: March 27