Lighthouses & Life Saving Stations

Sturgeon Point Lighthouse

Lighthouses and Life-Saving Stations have played an integral role in the history of the Thunder Bay region…They were among the busiest stations on Lake Huron, assisting hundreds of vessels every year and saving thousands of lives.  [read more]



40 Mile Point Lighthouse Station









Lighthouses & Life Saving Stations Finding Aids

Esther Eddy Collection

Haltiner Collection: Great Lakes Lighthouse Festival [HC-3]

Haltiner Collection: Lighthouses & Life-Saving Stations  [HC-5] Alpena Lighthouse

Haltiner Collection:  Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse Preservation Society [HC-4]

John McConnell Collection

Judy Kimball Collection: Middle Island

Stephen D. Tongue Collections: Thunder Bay Island

Terri Keyes Collection: Middle Island


Also on Microfilm

Presque Isle Lighthouse Log Books (1872-1910)
Thunder Bay Island Life-Saving Station Reports (1881-1916)
Thunder Bay Island and Middle Island Life-Saving Station Cards (1917-1935) [includes other Michigan stations]