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1900 Census [Alpena County] Index 

1903 Alpena County Plat Map 

1903 Montmorency County Plat Map  

1903 Presque Isle County Plat Map 

1903 Plat Book Index [revised]                                                       
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Aerial Photographs Collection:  Montmorency County (1952)

Alpena & Local Business Ephemera

Alpena Civic Orchestra & Alpena Choral Society Collection

Alpena County Library Collection:  Scrapbooks [ACL-2]

Alpena County Library Collection:  Shoestring [ACL-1]

Alpena County Road Commission Collection

Alpena Dates of Events – Viall (1840-1914)

Alpena Grange 1323 Collection

Alpena National Bank Collection

Alpena News Collection:  Alcona, County of [ANC-9]

Alpena News Collection:  Alpena, City of [ANC-7]

Alpena News Collection:  Alpena, County of [ANC-8]

Alpena News Collection:  Biographical [ANC-4]

Alpena News Collection:  Businesses [ANC-2]

Alpena News Collection:  Churches [ANC-6]

Alpena News Collection:  Surrounding Counties [ANC-18]

Alpena News Collection:  Editorial Negatives (1992-1993) [ANC-12]

Alpena News Collection:  Federal [ANC-19]

Alpena News Collection:  Huron Portland Cement, National Gypsum, Lafarge [ANC-16]

Alpena News Collection:  Negatives (1963-1987) [ANC-17]

Alpena News Collection:  Organizations [ANC-1]

Alpena News Collection:  People in the News [local / national / international] [ANC-13]

Alpena News Collection:  Photographs (1969-1980) [ANC-14]

Alpena News Collection:  Photographs / Negatives (1991-1994 w/ subject) [ANC-11]

Alpena News Collection:  Presque Isle, County of [ANC-10]

Alpena News Collection:  Schools [ANC-5]

Alpena News Collection:  Sports [ANC-3]

Alpena News Collection:  State of Michigan [ANC-20]

Alpena News Collection:  Subject [ANC-15]

Alpena Newspaper Obituary Index (1901-1994) by William Freese (used by permission)                          
A-Atk, Atk-Bee, Bee-Boi, Boj-Bru, Bru-Bye, Bye-Cla, Cla-Cou, Cou-Dav, Dav-Dor, Dor-Eag, Eak-Fer, Fer-Fle, Fri-Gla, Gla-Gro, Gro-HarHar-Him, Him-Irv, Irv-Jos, Jos-Kim, Kim-Kow, Kow-Lan, Lan-Lea, Lea-Lut, Lut-Mar, Mar-Mcd, Mcd-McP, McP-Mon, Mon-Ner, Ner-Ols, Ols-Per, Per-Pre, Pre-Ren, Ren-Rou, Rou-Sch, Sch-Sie, Sie-Sni, Sni-Ste, Ste-Tat, Tat-Tro, Tro-War, War-Wil, Wil-Yak, Yak-Z

Alpena Newspaper Obituary Index (1995-1996)
by William and Rose Mary Freese (used by permission)   

Alpena Vertical File  

Audio / Visual Materials


Besser Museum Collection:  Chamber of Commerce [BMFNM-3]

Besser Museum Collection:  Dewey [BMFNM-1] (Alpena history)

Besser Museum Collection:  Gallagher Collection / Ryan Family [BMFNM-6]

Besser Museum Collection:  Hendrik’s Diary [BMFNM-7]

Besser Museum Collection:  Miscellaneous [BMFNM-2] (Alpena history)

Besser Museum Collection:  Miscellaneous [BMFNM-4] (Alpena history)

Besser Museum Collection:  Miscellaneous [BMFNM-5] (Alpena history)

Brandenburg Collection (schools, people)


C. Patrick Labadie Collection:  Biographical [TBRC-2] (maritime)

C. Patrick Labadie Collection:  Bulk Freighters [TBRC-17] (maritime)

C. Patrick Labadie Collection:  Canals [TBRC-3]

C. Patrick Labadie Collection:  Canal Boats & Car Ferries [TBRC-10]

C. Patrick Labadie Collection:  Cargo [TBRC-1]

C. Patrick Labadie Collection:  Excursion Vessels [TBRC-11]

C. Patrick Labadie Collection:  Government Vessels] [TBRC-12]

C. Patrick Labadie Collection:  Machinery [TBRC-18]

C. Patrick Labadie Collection:  Misc. Craft & Ocean / Pre-Seaway [TBRC-14]

C. Patrick Labadie Collection:  Owners [TBRC-4]

C. Patrick Labadie Collection:  Package Freighters [TBRC-9]

C. Patrick Labadie Collection:  Ports [TBRC-5]

C. Patrick Labadie Collection:  Propellers [TBRC-16]

C. Patrick Labadie Collection:  Sail [TBRC-6]

C. Patrick Labadie Collection:  Sidewheel Steamers [TBRC-8]

C. Patrick Labadie Collection:  Steambarges [TBRC-6]

C. Patrick Labadie Collection:  Tugs [TBRC-7]

C. Patrick Labadie Collection:  Vessels [TBRC-15]

C. Patrick Labadie Collection:  Yachts & Small Craft [TBRC-13]

Carolyn & John Jacoby Collection:  Knight Family photographs

Catholic Church Records, Alpena, MI (1864 – 1925)

Introduction:  This is a chronological extraction of Catholic Church Records from 1864 to 1925.  St Bernard Church, the only Catholic Church until 1883, contains the earliest extracted baptisms, including godparents, marriages, and burials.  St Anne (French) and St Mary's Churches (Polish) began in 1883.  Baptisms 100 years or older were allowed to be included, so they only are shown until 1894 for St Bernard and 1896 for St Anne.  St Mary only allowed burials to be extracted.  The original records were mostly in Latin or French.  When possible, the page of the original record is indicated.

1864-1868, 1869, 1870, 1871, 1872, 1873, 1874, 1875, 1876, 1877, 1878, 1879, 1880, 1881, 1882, 1883, 1884, 1885, 1886, 1887, 1888, 1889, 1890, 1891, 1892, 1893, 1894,1895, 1896, 1897, 1898, 1899, 1900, 1901, 1902, 1903, 1904, 1905, 1906, 1907, 1908, 1909, 1910, 1911, 1912, 1913, 1914, 1915, 1916, 1917, 1918, 1919, 1920, 1921, 1922, 1923, 1924, 1925

Church Ephemera

Davison / Bey Collection (Alpena history, people)


Elden Herron Collection:  World War II letters home

Elks Club Collection

Esther Eddy Collection (maritime, people)


Fletcher Collection:  Land Contracts

Fred R. Trelfa Collection (Alpena history)


Grace Lutheran Church Scrapbooks

Greely Cemetery [Alpena County] 


Hal H. Smith Collection:  Turtle Lake Club

Haltiner Collection:  Great Lakes Lighthouse Festival [HC-3]

Haltiner Collection:  [Jesse] Besser Museum [of Northeast Michigan] [HC-7]

Haltiner Collection:  Lighthouses & Life-Saving Stations [HC-5]

Haltiner Collection:  Michigan Museum Association [HC-1]

Haltiner Collection:  Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse Preservation Society [HC-4]

Haltiner Collection:  Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary & Underwater Preserve [HC-2]

Haltiner Collections:  Thunder Bay Theatre [HC-6 & 6a]

Harris / Richardson Collection (businesses & organizations)

Holy Cross Cemetery Sexton Records [Alpena], 2nd Ed. (1870-1998) 

Hope Lutheran Church Cemetery [Alcona County] 

Hubbard Lake Cemetery [Alpena County] 

Huron Portland Cement Company Collection 


Jacques LesStrang Collection:  Harbor House Publications / Seaway Review (maritime)

Jefferson Gray Collection (maritime)

John McConnell Collection (maritime)

Judy Kimball Collection:  Middle Island


King Settlement Cemetery [Alpena County] 

Kujawa Collection:  Besser Company

Kujawa Collection:  Historic Photographs


LaCross Boat Works, Inc. Collection

Leer Church Collection

Leer Lutheran Cemetery [Alpena County] 

Long Rapids Cemetery [Alpena County] 


Mariette Fletcher Potvin Collection (Alpena history, people)

Marsha Simmons Collection

McIver Collection:  Tailor & Dry Cleaning Business

Michigan Historic Buildings

Michigan Vertical File 

Micketti Collection:  D. & M. Railroad

Micketti Collection:  Friends Church

Micketti Collecton:  Michigan Limestone & Chemical Co.

Mount Joy Cemetery [Alcona County] 

Myra Herron Collection (Alpena history, people)


Naturalizations / Declarations of Intentions for Alpena County 

Neil Swendsboe Collection (maritime)

Nethercut Collection (businesses & organizations, government, people)

Newspapers [misc]:  Box 1

Newspapers [misc]:  Box 2


Periodical Box [misc]

Pilgrim’s Rest Cemetery [Alpena County] 

Pleasant View Cemetery [Alcona County] 


R. E. Wilson Collection (Alpena history)

Rhea LaCross Collection:  Dziesinski Pharmacy, etc.


Salem Lutheran Cemetery [Alpena County]

Sanborn Township Cemetery [Alpena County] 

Schools Ephemera

Scott Peters Collections (maritime)

Spratt Cemetery [Alpena County] 


St. Catherine Cemetery [Alpena County]

Stephen D. Tongue Collection:  Lafarge Corp.

Stephen D. Tongue Collections:  Thunder Bay Island


Timreck Collection (Alpena history)


VanNocker Collection (people)