Love, Z Virtual Storytime Kit

After reading LOVE, Z written and illustrated by Jessie Sima, choose an activity (or two) to extend learning.

1. WATCH and LISTEN to LOVE, Z read and performed by author-illustrator Jessie Sima for Simon Kids:

2. Choose an activity (or two!) to extend learning:

- TALK about love.
If Z asked you what love is, what would you say? Draw a picture of something you love, to help Z understand.

- MAKE a robot.
Using materials you’ve found around your house – like empty boxes and containers, old magazines, discarded toys, bottle caps, etc – make a robot friend!

See below for two creative examples:

- GO on a scavenger hunt.
First, make a paper hat, like Z’s, to wear on your adventure.

Video tutorial below:

Then, complete the following scavenger hunt from Design Dazzle:

- FIND more printable Love, Z activities here:

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