This Book Is Magic Virtual Storytime Kit

Do you know that you’re a magician? In this interactive book, use your fingers to perform all kinds of magic tricks. Tap a hat to make a bunny appear, recite a spell to make books bigger, say “Gonzo!” to make a ship disappear, and much more. But beware: the clever magic tricks don’t always turn out the way you’d expect!

After reading THIS BOOK IS MAGIC, written and illustrated by Ashley Evanson, choose an activity (or two) to extend learning.

WATCH and LISTEN to THIS BOOK IS MAGIC read by author-illustrator Ashley Evanson for Brightly:

Choose an activity (or two!) to extend learning:

MAKE a top hat.
A magician’s outfit isn’t complete without a top hat! Make your own using paper and cardboard. Experiment and determine the best way to make a hat on your own, or check out this helpful step-by-step guide:

CREATE a sock bunny.
Now that you have your top hat, you’ll need a rabbit! Using mismatched socks, rice, and craft supplies, create a rabbit to use in your magic show! Find simple instructions here:

LEARN a magic trick.
Find a simple magic trick to learn that uses materials you have at home. Find some examples here:

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Thank you to Ashley Evanson, Penguin Kids, and Brightly for making this video available for public use.