Welcome to new site

Thanks for stopping by and reading this.  Welcome to our new website.  We have been working on this for some time.  Our technical coordinator, Nancy Mousseau, worked very hard to create what we hope is a very friendly site.  This site runs on Drupal, an open-source content managment system.  Open source means (among other things) that it is free to use.  We did splurge on a $40 template that made things go faster.  A content management system was important to us because we change things so frequently, especially events, and we liked how this worked on this system.  Please give us your comments.  We want to know if something is too hard to use, if one of our departments is "lorem ipsum," if it does not like your smart phone or your browser.  This website should be very friendly to smart phones and tablets.  Keep an eye on this space as well.  We have many exciting things happening now and I will be writing more to explain them.  Have a great day and thank you for visiting the Library website.  Eric