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Alpena City Directories  
Alpena Dates of Events – Viall (1862-1914)
Alpena News Collection:  Biographical [ANC-4]
Alpena News Collection:  People in the News [local / national / international] [ANC-13]
Alpena News Collection:  Photographs (1969-1980) [ANC-14]
Alpena News Collection:  Photographs / Negatives (1991-1994 w/ subject) [ANC-11]
Alpena News Collection:  Sports [ANC-3]







Alpena Michigan Newspaper Obituaries (1901-1994) By William Freese (used by permission).

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Alpena Newspaper Necrology Listing (1995-1996) by William And Rose Mary Freese (used by permission) .

Alpena Vertical File

Besser Museum Collection 6:  Gallagher Collection / Ryan Family

Besser Museum Collection 7:  Hendrik’s Diary

Brandenburg Collection

Carolyn & John Jacoby Collection:  Knight Family photographsTelephone Operators

Davison / Bey Collection

Esther Eddy Collection

Fred R. Trelfa Collection

Mariette Fletcher Potvin Collection

Myra Herron Collection

Naturalizations / Declarations of Intentions for Alpena County

Nethercut Collection

Rhea LaCross Collection:  Dziesinski Pharmacy, etc.

VanNocker Collection


Local Family Histories in Genealogical Collection

Alexander, Bigelow, Blaszczyk, Boulanger/Baker, Brandenburg,Campbell, Carpenter, Christopherson, Corriveau, Cousineau, Dagenais, Dove, Duchene, Dunford, Dziesinski, Eagling, Edmonds, Edwards, Ferguson, Flanders, Fletcher, Furbush, Gagnon, Gogolak, Goyer, Hall, Hansen, Hardies, Hasse, Herron, Hill, Hinka, Hogue, Homant/Homand/Aumand, Hoppe, Hornbacher, Hubert, Karow, Kauer, Keyes, Konieczny, Kuznicki, Labarge/Laberge, Lachapelle, LaCross, LaCroix, Lee, LeFabvre, LeTourneau, Livingstone, Loomis, Macarthur, McCallum, MacConnell, Maltz, Marciniak, Morrison, Mousseau, Mulka, Neff, Nelson, Oliver, O’Toole, Peek/Pake/Peck, Rensberry, Reynolds, Richardson, Robb, Sanborn, Schultz, Schwan, Skiba, Snider/Snyder, Soik, Spragg, Torbron, Turner, Thwaites, Wallace, Werth, White, Wikarysaz, Wilder, Wysocki


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