Photo Purchase


Photocopying is permitted, if it is in accordance with donor agreements and copyright
restrictions, unless the item is fragile, exceptionally valuable, or too large. All photocopying will be done by staff. Copy slips can be used to indicate specific pages to be copied. Depending on time available for copying, copies may have to be mailed to you. Copies are 20 cents (plus shipping & handling costs, if mailed). Microfilm/fiche copies are 25 cents each.

Photographic/Digital Reproductions


Scanned images are available under the same conditions listed above.
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Maritime Photo Purchase




  $10.00 per image

  • $1.00 per CD or DVD, if image is not transfered via e-mail.
  • $2.00 shipping/handling, if image is not transferred via e-mail.

Photographic prints are available under the same conditions listed above.


Don LaBarre
211 N. First Ave.
Alpena, Michigan 49707
(989)356-6188 Ext #17
(989)356-2765 Fax

Copy fees for Charts, Maps, Drawings, Blueprints, and other oversized materials will be assessed individually.

Research Fees:

For off-site research requests, staff will research a patron request for half hour gratis. If a patron desires additional research, the library will charge $25.00 for each additional hour of research time. The patron will be notified of this fee after the first half hour has ended. If the patron agrees to pay the fee, the research will continue. If the patron does not agree to pay for additional time, the research will end. This service does not include the price of copies and shipping/handling.