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Any person who borrows a book or any other library material from the Library must own a library card from Alpena County Library. Alpena County Library cards are available free to all people who live in or pay taxes in Alpena County provided they have a permanent address. Cards will be issued to outofdistrict patrons with a driver’s license or other identification at an annual fee of $25.00. The borrower is responsible for all materials checked out on their card. The library must be notified of the loss of a library card.

The Alpena County Library requires official photo identification showing the resident’s name and permanent address.

The following will be accepted:
Michigan driver’s license or State ID card with current Alpena County address or, a picture ID with proof of residency shown by one of the following:
car registration
utility bill
copy of lease or mortgage
copy of property tax statement
postmarked mail

There are two types of library cards:

Juvenile: Issued to individuals through age 17 and entitle the holder to use all materials with the exception of Educational Media and Videos/DVDs.

Adult: Issued upon reaching age 18. Adult cards entitle the holder to use all available materials.

Persons under 12 years of age must have the signature of a parent or guardian on their application cards in order to be issued a card. If the parent/guardian is not a current ACL card holder, the parent/guardian must show the same proofs of residency as required above.

Nonresident students enrolled in Alpena County schools are eligible to register for a library card.

Patrons who live in Alpena County but who do not have proof of address yet may register for a library card either online or in person that will be sent via the USPS. Successful receipt of the card will serve as proof of address.  To apply for a TEMPORARY card online, click here.

The Alpena County Library reserves the right to refuse a card to a person for failure to meet the above requirements.