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Alpena Civic Orchestra & Alpena Choral Society Collection

Alpena County Library Collection:  Scrapbooks [ACL-2]Alpena County Library Collection:  Shoestring [ACL-1]Alpena County Road Commission Collection

Alpena Grange 1323 Collection
Alpena National Bank Collection

Alpena News Collection:  Alcona, County of [ANC-9]
Alpena News Collection:  Alpena, City of [ANC-7]
Alpena News Collection:  Alpena, County of [ANC-8]
Alpena News Collection:  Biographical [ANC-4]
Alpena News Collection:  Businesses [ANC-2]
Alpena News Collection:  Churches [ANC-6]
Alpena News Collection:  Surrounding Counties [ANC-18]
Alpena News Collection:  Editorial Negatives (1992-1993) [ANC-12]
Alpena News Collection:  Federal [ANC-19]
Alpena News Collection:  Huron Portland Cement, National Gypsum, Lafarge [ANC-16]
Alpena News Collection:  Negatives (1963-1987) [ANC-17]
Alpena News Collection:  Organizations [ANC-1]
Alpena News Collection:  People in the News [local / national / international] [ANC-13]
Alpena News Collection:  Photographs (1969-1980) [ANC-14]
Alpena News Collection:  Photographs / Negatives (1991-1994 w/ subject) [ANC-11]
Alpena News Collection:  Presque Isle, County of [ANC-10]
Alpena News Collection:  Schools [ANC-5]
Alpena News Collection:  Sports [ANC-3]
Alpena News Collection:  State of Michigan [ANC-20]
Alpena News Collection:  Subject [ANC-15]

Alpena Vertical File  
Audio / Visual Materials

Besser Museum Collection:  Chamber of Commerce [BMFNM-3]Besser Museum Collection:  Dewey [BMFNM-1] (Alpena history)
Besser Museum Collection:  Gallagher Collection / Ryan Family [BMFNM-6]Besser Museum Collection:  Hendrik’s Diary [BMFNM-7]Besser Museum Collection:  Miscellaneous [BMFNM-2] (Alpena history)
Besser Museum Collection:  Miscellaneous [BMFNM-4] (Alpena history)
Besser Museum Collection:  Miscellaneous [BMFNM-5] (Alpena history)

Brandenburg Collection (schools, people)

Carolyn & John Jacoby Collection:  Knight Family photographs

Davison / Bey Collection (Alpena history, people)

Elden Herron Collection:  World War II letters home

Elks Club Collection
Esther Eddy Collection (maritime, people)
Fletcher Collection:  Land Contracts
Fred R. Trelfa Collection (Alpena history)
Hal H. Smith Collection:  Turtle Lake Club

Haltiner Collection:  Great Lakes Lighthouse Festival [HC-3]Haltiner Collection:  [Jesse] Besser Museum [of Northeast Michigan] [HC-7]
Haltiner Collection:  Lighthouses & Life-Saving Stations [HC-5]Haltiner Collection:  Michigan Museum Association [HC-1]
Haltiner Collection:  Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse Preservation Society [HC-4]Haltiner Collection:  Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary & Underwater Preserve [HC-2]Haltiner Collections:  Thunder Bay Theatre [HC-6 & 6a]

Harris / Richardson Collection (businesses & organizations)

Huron Portland Cement Company Collection 

Kujawa Collection:  Besser Company
Kujawa Collection:  Historic Photographs

LaCross Boat Works, Inc. Collection
Mariette Fletcher Potvin Collection (Alpena history, people)
Marsha Simmons Collection
McIver Collection:  Tailor & Dry Cleaning Business

Micketti Collection:  D. & M. Railroad
Micketti Collection:  Friends Church
Micketti Collecton:  Michigan Limestone & Chemical Co.


Myra Herron Collection (Alpena history, people)
Nethercut Collection (businesses & organizations, government, people)
R. E. Wilson Collection (Alpena history)
Rhea LaCross Collection:  Dziesinski Pharmacy, etc.

Stephen D. Tongue Collection:  Lafarge Corp.
Stephen D. Tongue Collections:  Thunder Bay Island

Timreck Collection (Alpena history)
VanNocker Collection (people)