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Adam Ludewig Collection ALC1, 1875–1946
Adath E. Decker Collection ADC1, 1909–1978

Alpena and Local Business Ephemera ALBE1
Alpena Area Miscellaneous AAM1
Alpena Civic Orchestra ACO-ACS1
Alpena Civic Theatre ACTC1
Alpena County Library ACL1 Shoestring
Alpena County Library ACL2 Scrapbooks
Alpena County Road Commission ACRC1
Alpena Exchange Telephone AETC1
Alpena Grange 1323 AGC1
Alpena High School Yearbooks AHSYC1
Alpena Historic District AHDC1
Alpena Lumbermans Barbershop Chorus ALBCC1
Alpena National Bank ANBC1

Alpena News ANC1: Organizations
Alpena News ANC10: Presque Isle County
Alpena News ANC11: Photographic Negatives 1991–1994
Alpena News ANC12: Editorial Negatives 1992 and 1993
Alpena News ANC13: People in the news local national
Alpena News ANC14: Photographs 1969-1980
Alpena News ANC15: Subject
Alpena News ANC16 Huron Portland Cement, National Gypsum, LaFarge
Alpena News ANC17: Photographic Negatives 1963–1987
Alpena News ANC18: Surrounding Counties
Alpena News ANC19: Federal
Alpena News ANC2: Businesses
Alpena News ANC20: State of Michigan
Alpena News ANC3: Sports
Alpena News ANC4: Biographical
Alpena News ANC5: Schools
Alpena News ANC6: Churches
Alpena News ANC7: Alpena City
Alpena News ANC8: Alpena County
Alpena News ANC9: Alcona County

Alpena Photographs Collection AP1
Alpena Postcard Collection APC1
Alpena Sports Hall of Fame ASHFC1
Ann Taber Collection ATC1: Alpena History, 1878–1954
Ardellia Manning Herron Collection AMHC1: Alpena Schools, 1934–1983
Arthur E. Sytek Collection AES1, 1970–2000

Besser Museum Collection BMFNM2: Alpena-specific materials
Besser Museum Collection BMFNM4: Alpena-specific materials
Besser Museum Collection BMFNM5

Brandenburg Family Collection BC1, 1839–1950s
Brandenburg Family Collection BC2: Research notes and photographs for book “To and From Alpena”, 1839–2012
Broad Family Collection BFC1: Henry K. Gustin Business Papers, 1873–1920

Carolyn & John Jacoby Collection CJJC1, 1885–1937

Chamber of Commerce Collections COCC2: Photographic Slides, 1950–1990
Chamber of Commerce Photograph Collection COCC1, 1920–1990
Chamber of Commerce Scrapbook BMFNM3, 1945–1979

David M. Cousineau Collection DMCC1: Johann Schmidt and John Smith Papers, 1858–1928
Davison- Bey Collection DBC1, 1905–1996
Dick Boyce Collection DBC1: Devil’s River Environmental Research, 1995–2005
Dick Boyce Collection DBC2: Devil’s River Environmental Research, 1995–2005
Downing Collection DC1, 1883–1947

Eddy Engineering Company Collection EEC1, 1926–2003
Elden Herron World War II Letters EHC1, 1940–1946
Elks Alpena Lidge 505 Records ELKS1, 1899–2003
Esther M. Eddy Collection EEC1: Middle Island Life Saving Crew, 1883–1958
Ezzell Collection EC1: Johnson and Fletcher family Glass Plate Negatives, 1880–1920

Fletcher Collection FLC1: Land Contracts, 1867–1923
Fletcher Collection FLC2: Lake Winyah Club, 1927–2007
Fletcher Collection FLC3: Biographical, 1814–2002
Fletcher Collection FLC4: George N. Fletcher Diaries, 1855–1899
Fletcher Collection FLC5: Business Papers, 1854–1975
Fletcher Collection FLC6: Land grants to veterans of War of 1812
Frank S. Dewey Collection BMFNM1, 1873–1916
Fred R. Trelfa Collection FRTC1: Local History newspaper Scrapbooks, 1880–1979

Gail Williams Collection GWC1: Alpena County History, 1789–1917
Gerald Bishop Collection GBC1: Otto Bishop Papers, 1900-1970
Gordon Haelterman Collection: Palmer Family Geneaology
Grace Lutheran Church Collection GLCSC1: Scrapbooks, 1920–1975
Gustin Collection GC1: Henry Gustin Business Papers, 1891–1934

Hal H. Smith Collection HHSC1: Turtle Lake Club, 1923–1990

Haltiner Collection HC1: Michigan Museums Association, 1967–1986
Haltiner Collection HC14: Native American, 1836–1980
Haltiner Collection HC15: Native American periodicals, 1942–2004
Haltiner Collection HC16: Alpena County Native American, 1880–2004
Haltiner Collection HC17: Book research & information, 1986–2011
Haltiner Collection HC2: Thunder Bay national Marine Sanctuary & Underwater Preserve, 1976–2000
Haltiner Collection HC3: Great Lakes Lighthouse Festival, 1996–1998
Haltiner Collection HC4: Thunder Bay Lighthouse Preservation Society, 1990s
Haltiner Collection HC5: Regional Lighthouses & Life-Saving Stations, 1880–2000
Haltiner Collection HC6: Thunder Bay Theatre, 1967–1992
Haltiner Collection HC7: Jesser Besser Museum [Besser Museum of Northeast Michigan], 1967–2000
Haltiner Collection HC8: Biographical, 1850–1990
Haltiner Collection HC9: Alpena History, 1870–1980

Harris & Richardson Collection HRC1, 1854–1944
Hartigan Family Collection HFC1, 1905–1955
Helen Smith Godgins Collection HSHC1: Family funeral books, 1942–1980
Hendrik’s Diary Collection BMFNM7: Martin H. Martinson manuscript, 1882–1969
Huron Portland Cement Company Collections HPCCC1: Photographs and purblications of newsletters, 1950–1990

Jayne Beatty Collection JBC1: Road Construction blueprints, 1959–1989
Jere Standen Collection JSC1, 1891–1949
Joe Barr Photograph Collection JBC1
Judith Kimbal Collection JKC1: Middle Island, 1858–1958

Kittie Smith Kuhns Collection KSKC1, 1825–1962
Kujawa Collection KC1: Besser Company, 1955–1974
Kujawa Collection KC2: Photographs of Alpena, 1870–1950

LaCross Boat Works Inc. Collection LBWI1, 1951–1958
Leer Lutheran Church Collection LCC1, 1882–1957
Lilian Irwin Collection LIC1, 1917–2011
Local Church Ephemera, 1912–1996
Lorrie LaCross Collection LLC1: Hilarie Gagnon Jr. Materials, 1910–1963

Mariette Fletcher Potvin Collection MFPC1: Fletcher related business and personal records, 1913–1947
Marylin Bauer Collection Collection MBC1: Sally Broadwell diary, 1866–1882
Matthew McCormack Collection MMC1: Carl R. Henry Diaries, 1901–1966
Matthew McCormack Collection MMC2, 1919–1996
Maxwell Collection MXC1: Alpena Fine Arts Shell Committee & Negwegon State Park Committee, 1984–1990
McIver Collection McIC1: Tailor & Dry Cleaning Business, 1936–1949
McKim Collection MKC-1: McKim Family Records and Photographs, 1902–1908
Micketti Collection MC1: Michigan Limestone & Chemical, 1926–1963
Micketti Collection MC2: Friends Church [Onaway, MI], 1895–1915
Micketti Collection MC3: Detroit & Mackinac Railroad, 1889–2008
Middle Island Logbook Collection MILC1, 1931–1936
Myra Herron Collection MHC1, 1905–2005
Norman Gapske Collection NGPC1: Postcards of Northeast Michigan, 1900–1950

R.E. Wilson REWC1: Fire Department, Herron Gold Mine, Alpena History Photographs, 1857–1916
Rhea LaCross Collection RLC1: Dziesinski Pharmacy, 1912–1938
Rotary Club of Alpena Records RCA1: 1922–2023
Ruth Ann Cochrane Collection RCC1: Region Genealogy Research
Ryan Family Collection BMFNM6,1900–1989

Scott Peters Collection SPC1: 1989–2007
Shiemke Family Collection SFC1: 1879–1983
Stephen D. Tongue Collection STC1: Research on Lafarge, National Gypsium, and Huron Portland Cement, 1907–2007
Szurpicki Collection SC1: Beaver Lake Club, 1945–1966

Terri Keyes Collection TKC1: Olson Family & Middle Island Life-Saving Station, 1912–1916
Thomas & Joyce McKee Collection TMC1: Postcards, 1920–1950
Thunder Bay Junior High School Collection TBJHC1: Yearbooks, 1968–2019
Timrick Collection TC1: 1884–1960
Trelfa History Papers BMFNM9, 1840–1968
Trelfa Photograph Collection BMFNM-8a, 1850–1970
Trelfa Photograph Collection BMFNM-8b: Businesses, Churches, City Views, Maritime, 1870–1950

V. Nethercut Collection VNC1, 1975–2009
VanNocker Collection VNC1: Glass Plate Negatives from studio, 1940–1960

W.H. Parish Publishing Company Collection WPPCC1: Artwork of Lake Huron Shore [Publication], 1894
Wallace Diemond Collection WDC1, 1880–1975
Wayne Girard Collection GC1: Catholic Central Photograph Negatives, 1965–1969
William Connelly Collection WCC1: Hennigar Family photographic negatives, 1880–1930

Thunder Bay Research Collection (Great Lakes Maritime)

C. Patrick Labadie TBRC1: 19th-century Cargo
C. Patrick Labadie TBRC2: 19th-century Biographical
C. Patrick Labadie TBRC3: 19th-century Canals
C. Patrick Labadie TBRC4: 19th-century Owners
C. Patrick Labadie TBRC5: 19th-century Ports
C. Patrick Labadie TBRC6: 19th-century Steam Barges
C. Patrick Labadie TBRC6a: 19th-century Sail
C. Patrick Labadie TBRC7: 19th-century Tugs
C. Patrick Labadie TBRC8: 19th-century Sidewheel Steamers
C. Patrick Labadie TBRC9: 19th-century Package Freighters
C. Patrick Labadie TBRC10: 19th-century Canal Boats & Car Ferries
C. Patrick Labadie TBRC11: 19th-century Excursion Vessels
C. Patrick Labadie TBRC12: 19th-century Government Vessels
C. Patrick Labadie TBRC13: 19th-century Yachts & small craft
C. Patrick Labadie TBRC14: 19th-century Misc Crat Ocen Pre-Seaway
C. Patrick Labadie TBRC15: 19th-century Vessels (Great Lakes Maritime Database)
C. Patrick Labadie TBRC16: 19th-century Propellors
C. Patrick Labadie TBRC17: 19th-century Bulk Freighters
C. Patrick Labadie TBRC18: 19th-century Machinery

Jacques LesStrang TBRC21: Great Lakes / Seaway Review, 1950–1990
Jefferson Gray TBRC19: Graduate work research, 1860–2000
John McConnell Collection TBRC22-23: Alpena region specific maritime cultural heritage research, 1883–1995
Loretta Udell Collection TBRC28, 1907–1969
Neil Swensboe Collection TBRC20: Hans E. Swendsboe Vessel Plans, 1950–1980
Robert Geno TBRC29: Vessels & Michigan Limestone & Chemical Company, 1870–1955